Merge4 - Flowers Face Mask

Merge4 - Flowers Face Mask

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Flowers collaboration with Kaia Myall: Drawing inspiration from her hometown scenery and fellow Coastal California artists, Kaia Myall has developed her own vibrant style highlighting her love for the Pacific Ocean. Kaia's artwork has graced countless skate decks, utility box murals and canvases from Santa Cruz to Santa Barbara. Kaia is MERGE4's resident junior artist and is currently attending UCSB, where she continues to paint and sell her skateboards on the sand.

Tech Specs:

  • non-medical grade quilted face masks
  • soft, elastic straps for comfort
  • washable and reusable
  • quilted fabric
  • breathable material
  • poly-spandex blend

MERGE4 was built on the foundation of using business as a force for doing good in the world. From the very beginning, we’ve operated as a Certified B Corporation, making sure we focus just as much effort on people and the planet as we do on profits. We’re proud to say we’re more than just a sock company.

From our fabrics and factories to our employees, we value and prioritize people in every aspect of our business.

MERGE4 was built on the foundation of using business as a force for doing good in the world. We put our hearts, our hands and our resources into this core aspect of our brand. We've partnered with some amazing nonprofits championing noble causes - from endangered species to pediatric cancer.

  • San Diego Zoo
  • Stanford’s Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital
  • Bradley’s House
  • Jay Moriarity Foundation
  • Tim Brauch Foundation 

At MERGE4 we make socks without the stink. You can do that on your own.

We produce products that are guaranteed harmless to human beings, puppies, kittens, unicorns and the environment. In addition to quality, style and comfort, environmental sustainability is one of our top priorities when developing new products. We aim to innovate sustainably by using responsibly-produced, recycled, and renewable materials.