Camper Testimonials

- They get to play all day! We are the camp that gives kids the time and freedom to be kids again. We get kids of fun the couch, off the devices, off the games in an electronics-free, device-free, cell phone-free camp — and our campers don’t even miss them!
- They enjoy their new friends! The small teacher to student ratio and transportation to and from the lake allows campers to become friends, regardless of age and ability. They are all brought together by their love for water. Everyone is an equal in our camps, and everyone works together to make camp an awesome experience!
- They learn new skills! Every week, our campers leave with a new set of skills under their belt. Whether they wanted to get comfortable being around water or are on their way to be the next wakeboarding superstar, every camper is learning something new every day!
- We encourage campers to try new skills, but we don't push campers beyond their comfort level. If being towed behind the boat is too fast, then we provide water options that slow it down, such as SUP (standup paddleboarding). For some reason, the tube never seems to go too fast, no matter how new to water the kids may be.
- We understand that all campers BEGIN AT DIFFERENT LEVELS, so we respect all campers' abilities and allow them to grow at the pace that is most comfortable to them.

- We are the PREMIERE CAMP for CROSS TRAINING ATHLETES during their off season. NEW in 2019! We are putting together an invitational competitive wake surfing and wakeboarding team! Email for more details!

- There are no sharks! We hear a lot of people are scared of surfing because of sharks, and in the lake, there are no sharks to fear nipping at your toes.
- We have our own private lake! There are no other boats out on the water during the day, so we have the freedom to ride without other boats making the water choppy and uncomfortable for riders who want smooth, undisturbed water.
"It's not your everyday, average camp and they teach you how to wake surf and wake board. Anne-Michelle and Arun are always supportive when you can't get up on the board and they always want the best for you. The kids are nice and I had lots of fun." - Evan R., Camper
"I can't believe that you get to do this every single day." - Luca E., Camper
2019 Best Unique Summer Camp
2019 Best Unique Summer Camp