Our water sports camps are so rad! Just ask all of our spring break and summer campers what they look forward to all year, and it's always. This is the one thing that easily gets Fortnite addicts off the screen and into the outdoors! Campers from all walks of life come to our camps for a unique experience, for a new adventure, to cross train with a low impact sport like wake surfing, and to learn new competitive skills and tricks in wakeboarding. We also throw a tube into the water as an ice breaker and to finish off each afternoon. When the campers aren't learning a new skill, the tube gives them the adrenaline rush to keep coming back for more week after week. We have toasty wetsuits during the off season, and board shorts and bathing suits are all they need for warm summer days. Check out our endless Facebook Live videos for a preview of our camps, and enjoy the daily photos uploaded to a private SmugMug site as well as text updates to parents the first time their child gets up on a board or lands a new trick! Arun and Anne-Michelle pride themselves in the rad experience the campers have on board. But don't let the kids have all the fun, check out our family activities on the lake and ladies only day on the lake, too!