Cross Training for Young Athletes

How do our Water Sports Camps help your young athlete cross train?

1. Water Sports Camp helps prevent injury!

Doing the same workout over and over again stresses joints, muscles, and ligaments without giving them full recovery. Overuse is one of the primary reasons for injury. Working the same muscles in a different way, or completely different muscle groups, can give your muscles the rest they need to help prevent problems that keep you from training!*

12-year old Brody is an avid skateboarder and dedicates 3-8 hours daily to learning new skills. When he’s not on a skateboard, he chooses wake surfing to CROSS TRAIN. 

2. Water Sports Camp helps balance your muscles!

By working different muscle groups, you will maintain muscular symmetry. If you’ve been doing mostly pushups and planks and focusing on your core and upper body, then your lower body may lack the definition that your abs and arms have. Addin a lower-body workout!*

12-year old Wyatt plays rugby and track, but parkour is his favorite. We are BUMMED that he and his sweet family (who brought the BEST organic produce each week!!) moved to Idaho this winter, but we’re sure he’ll be back in California for camp this summer. He uses our summer camps to CROSS TRAIN with wakeboarding.

11-year old Lucca plays baseball during the spring, but this determined athlete loves football and sees himself being a wide receiver when he grows up! He uses our summer camps to CROSS TRAIN with wakeboarding.

3. Water Sports Camp helps you get stronger!

With cross training you can increase the overall strength of your muscles. For example, if you run, or do mostly cardio-based workouts, add a sculpting routine. Resistance training dumbbells or bands) can translate into faster running times, and better endurance, not to mention a speedier metabolism.*

14-year old Maleah is obsessed with horseback riding, horse training, farm animals, and ranch life. When she’s not riding a horse, she chooses wake surfing to CROSS TRAIN.

4. Water Sports Camp helps prevent boredom!

Doing the same old thing gets old. Spice up your workout by trying something—or someone—new! If you’ve been following a particular trainer’s programs, try someone else’s. Each trainer has a different style and will challenge—and even entertain you—in different ways. If you’ve done ’em all, maybe you just need to get outside for a bit. Consider a sport that’s always interested you.*

9-year old Izzy plays lacrosse and soccer during the spring and fall seasons, but being behind the boat has her heart. She has no fear, is pumped on board sports (you should See her rock a skateboard!), and will try anything. She safely CROSS TRAINS with our low impact wakesurfing.

15-year old Jack signed up for one week of camp last summer, which turned into ALL FIVE WEEKS, and almost rode out a 360 by the end of it! 16 hours a week, you can always find Jack at the BMX track or practicing on the trampoline. He safely CROSS TRAINS with wakesurfing.

5. Water Sports Camp helps you make continuing progress with your muscles!

Progress with a training routine plateaus somewhere between 4 and 12 weeks. By changing your workout, you make more consistent progress!*

12-year old Connor is an avid athlete, currently playing both competitive soccer and competitive basketball. Both sports have him traveling between California and Nevada for tournaments, but his heart is behind a boat wakeboarding and wake surfing and in the snow on a snowboard. What keeps him agile and it in the off season? CROSS TRAINING in the water!

12-year old Max is originally from Australia where he competitively surfed, moved to California and became obsessed with skateboarding, and now lives in Germany where he skates at North Brigade Skate Park. When he’s back in California, he CROSS TRAINS behind the boat wake surfing with his rad surf style.

6. Water Sports Camp helps you rest tired muscles!

OK, so you don’t want to give up your workouts, but you feel like your performance is going downhill? Maybe you just need to rest the groups of muscles you’ve been working relentlessly for months on end. Give em’ a break by doing something different. Go for a hike, a bike ride, or a swim.*

14-year old Brielle plays volleyball, basketball, track and field and enjoys running and working out after school. She is one of the most athletic girls we know, and when she got on a wake surf board for the first time to CROSS TRAIN for her other sports, she would not get off! After an afternoon session with us, she now has dreams of going pro!

12-year old Evan spends his time after school and on weekends playing competitive hockey, soccer, and baseball. Hockey is this powerhouse defender and forward’s passion, and he trains weekly in Crossfit-like workouts. When he is not traveling the country for tournaments, he chooses wakeboarding to CROSS TRAIN.

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