Holiday Card Adventures

After 12 consecutive years of taking the "perfect" holiday card, we decided that getting ready, arranging a photographer, tweaking nap times, and making kids pose was actually the worst way to spend an entire weekend day before the holidays. So, we took the holiday card into our own hands. Instead of taking the perfect picture, we decided to craft an unforgettable experience. Below is our version of the "perfect" card. We hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoy the memories we've created every year since 2016.

2018 - Behind the Scenes | Making our Holiday Card

Another of Arun's visions. On December 15th, he had a vision for a card, and by December 18th, we had a boat driver, photographer, and videographer ready for a morning on the lake. It was COLD, his plan did NOT work, and this was the first year in 14 years that we did not send out a holiday card or even a New Year's card. That said, this day is a memory our family and friends will talk about forever!

2017 - Behind the Scenes | Making our Holiday Card

Arun took the card into his own hands this year. With GoPro in hand and a vision of our entire family riding a surfboard that was strapped to a Sector 9 longboard, what could go wrong?!



2016 - Photo Shoot | Making our Holiday Card

This was the first year that we wanted to do something different. We still envisioned a photo, but we wanted to get all of us on one SUP. We had a very strong feeling it would sink, so we told the photographer to make sure he snapped the photo when we were falling off. Of course, he missed the photo. So, we ended up with another posed Christmas card. This was the last year we had one of those!