How do I build my own skateboard?

If you want to cruise around the neighborhood with the option of learning tricks and going to skate parks, then a popsicle-shaped "trick" board is right for you! Here's how you start:

1. Choose your deck!

The width of skateboard decks range in size from 7.5" to 8.5", but we recommend most people stay in the 8.0" to 8.25" range.

For younger children, a deck smaller than an 8.0' will work out well.

For people who are taller, have larger feet, or want a little more stability, a deck in the range of 8.25"-8.5" will work out well.

If you like a certain graphic, but don't know how to build it out, this is the time to text us, and we can help take care of the rest! Text to: 650-438-0412

2. Choose your trucks!

Your trucks MUST match the size of your board. We don't have our trucks loaded in our online store yet, so text for photos of what we have in stock! 650-438-0412

3. Choose your wheels!

Wheels come in a large range of sizes and durometers (hardness).

If you plan to skate primarily at skate parks, you'll want a hard wheel with a durometer of 99-105 and a size that's 52mm, 53,mm, or 54mm.

If you want to skate at skate parks and cruise around the neighborhood, then a hybrid wheel that's small (52-54mm) but soft (78 durometer) will do the trick.

If you plan to skate mostly around your neighborhood and not do tricks, then you have more flexibility with sizes and colors of wheels, but be sure to add risers to your skateboard if the wheels are larger than 54mm, or else you may get wheel bite! (Wheel bite is when you're rolling, the wheels hits the board, the board stops you dead in your tracks, and you go flying. No bueno.)

4. Choose your bearings!

Skate shops only sell quality bearings that they stand behind. You never know what you get when you buy online from a site that's not a skate shop. We only offer top quality bearings, and they range from $12 to $65. Stick to the $12-20 range for your first board, and you'll be SOLID!

5. Choose your hardware!

You can go with standard black hardware, or you can spice up your board with color. Bonus if you add a SINGLE different colored bolt on the front of your board, so you can tell which way is the front and which way is the back without looking at the bottom of your board.

6. Choose your grip tape!

You can go with standard black grip tape, Mob grip tape (for only a buck more, it's worth the upgrade), or colored grip tape, so your board is just as fancy on top as it is on bottom. Our colored grip isn't loaded online yet, so text 650-438-0412 for photos of what we have in stock.

7. Grab a skate tool!

Every skater needs a skate tool to make minor or major adjustments with, and with this one handy tool, you can put together and take apart and entire skateboard from start to finish! A tool everyone needs in their toolbox.

8. Support local skate shops!

We are a local skate shop in San Jose, California, and we appreciate you and sincerely thank you for shopping small. Receive a free Ohana Board Shop T-Shirt from this collection when you buy a custom complete skateboard! Use code BUILDMYBOARD after adding your other items to your card.

Each complete comes with FREE INSTALLATION and FREE RECOMMENDATIONS! Text for inquiries, or scheduled your 10-minute phone call at