This team has been years in the making, and we are proud to present Diego Flores, Chris Corpuz, and Brody Frances as our OHANA TEAM RIDERS!

These guys have become a part of our OHANA ever since our original shop was back on Stevens Creek Blvd, and we're stoked that they are spreading their love of skating both locally and nationally.


Diego has always been loyal to Ohana Board Shop since day one. He rode for our first shop when he was just a young teenage grom, and now he teaches his own skateboarding program and is a leader, mentor, and coach to hundreds of kids in the South Bay. He has skills on a skateboard, and we're stoked to bring him back to the team!

Here's his setup:

  • 8.5 Ouderspace
  • Trucks: Ace
  • Wheels: Spitfire
  • Bearings: Reds

Local skate park that you're most likely to find him: Lake Cunningham  


One of the sickest local skaters and our neighbor who has been an instructor and influential rider to our own children for many years now, we're stoked to bring Chris on board! He competes locally and nationally, and most recently at Damn Am New York, Damn Am Woodward, and Tampa Am. 

Here's his setup:

  • Deck: 8.25 Ohana Board Shop, WKND
  • Trucks: Thunder
  • Wheels: Spitfire
  • Bearings: Reds

Local skate park that you're most likely to find him at: Sunnyvale


Welcome the youngest rider to the team, Brody Frances! This kid is as dedicated as it gets -- he's homeschooled from 6am to 9am, then skates all day, every day, and will ask anyone for a ride to one of his favorite skate parks. He doesn't play video games, so skating is his focus, and it shows. He started competing more seriously in 2019 and most recently took 1st place in the July's Skate the Lake Contest (advanced, all ages division), 1st place in September's Gromapalooza Contest (age 13-15 division), and 2nd place in October's Tim Brauch Contest (age 9-12 division).

  • Deck: 8.0 Ohana Board Shop
  • Trucks: Ace 33
  • Wheels: Bones 52's or 54's
  • Bearings: Bronsons

Local skate park that you'er most likely to find him at: Campbell