Old School Skateboards

Why are these skateboards our family's preferred choice for cruising through the neighborhood. They're:

  • light

  • portable

  • wide enough for significantly more stability than a regular popsicle-shaped "trick" skateboard

PLUS! You can also customize them into either:

  1. a cruiser style with softer wheels and smoother trucks, or
  2. a skate park style with medium to hard wheels with more responsive trucks.

Arun's Ride:

Rather than a cruiser or longboard, Arun chose this setup because

(1) Steve Caballero is a legend, and everyone needs a CAB deck in their arsenal of skate decks

(2) he wanted something light to carry around

(3) he wanted soft, big wheels to more easily go over rougher streets and sidewalks

Maleah's Ride:

She wanted it to be
  • authentic
  • old school ride
  • the same way the skaters rode them in the 80's.
All of the parts on her board are the original brands from back in the day, and every amateur and pro skater used to ride them this way.
Plus, Arun dreamed of this EXACT setup as a child, but his mom bought him the big box store discount board that never really worked right. Maleah setup this board as a dedication to her father, and she's even lets him ride it every now and then.

Anne-Michelle's Rides:

This mom of four learned to skate in her late 30's when she realized how LAME she was when all of her kids could skate downtown together, and she was stuck walking or biking alongside the crew. She took matters into her own hands and learned on

  • a MASSIVE longboard,
  • eventually downgrading to a not-so-massive longboard, and
  • finally made it onto an old school setup --> and this is where she's the happiest she's ever been and plans to stay on this setup forever.

Why an Old School? Same as Arun:

  • it's light,
  • portable, and

Everywhere we go, when we have our old school setups with, people always stop and talk to us about the old days, or that being their first skateboard.

PLUS! The decks are

(1) wide enough for the extra stability,

(2) a little longer than a popsicle-style board so there's more room for foot positioning,

(3) they're not as small as a cruiser, and

(4) they're not as clunky as a longboard.

Customize your dream ride with Arun!

Start with our Old School Deck Selection HERE, then text Arun at 408-761-2668 to build out the skateboard you've always wanted.