As we enter our third season of Water Sports Camp, we as camp hosts have learned some lessons along the way. The main one is that NOT EVERYONE IS READY to jump behind the boat on a wakeboard or wake surf board just because their parents signed them up for camp. Does this sound like your children? Excited about being on the water, but then reality kicks in, and they are just plain scared?

Camp OHANA takes the scared out of our boat and teaches every single camper new life skills. We start slow, then move them forward onto varying board sports as they progress.

Our own 8-year old Tait, for instance, has ZERO desire to be in the water aside from swimming, but this spring break, we brought the SUP's. Not only did he have a blast, but ALL of the kids around him did as well!

He was in control, wasn't going too fast, and could choose to stand or stay on his knees for more stability. He eventually even stood up on the board while we were towing it in idle back to the dock! It was the perfect introduction to water sports for him, he took action to battle his fear, and we did it in a way that no one else realized he was nervous about it.

Max is another camper who is in his third season of our camp! Max's sport of choice on the boat has been wakeboarding...up until this year. While he never hesitated when it was his turn to ride, he also was never the one to jump up and down with an itch to ride. We had some other campers on the boat who loved tubing but weren't quite loving wakeboarding, so we pulled out the SUP's (standup paddleboards) instead.

We had never seen Max light up more and be so excited about a water sport! The campers got silly on the SUP's, had races, rocked their crew back and forth, and enjoyed doubling (and sometimes tripling) up on the boards. This more chill water sport alternative gave Max the freedom to enjoy the boat and a new sport at his own pace. And without even knowing it, the campers were learning how to steer, maneuver, balance, and stand on the SUP's -- all of which are integral physical skills required for skateboarding, surfing, and water sports!

Campers from all walks of life come to our camps for a unique experience, for a new adventure, to cross train with a low impact sport like wake surfing, and to learn new competitive skills and tricks in wakeboarding.

When the campers aren't learning a new skill, the tube gives them the adrenaline rush to keep coming back for more week after week. We have toasty wetsuits during the off season, and board shorts and bathing suits are all they need for warm summer days.