Parent Testimonials

- The highlight of our camp is that parents can see what their kids have been up to all day long! We send REAL TIME TEXT MESSAGES, DAILY PHOTO ALBUMS, and FACEBOOK LIVES of our campers having the best week ever! At the end of each day, you can view, print, share, and download the first time your camper got up on a board or mastered the skills he/she has been working on throughout the week.

 - We teach boat maintenance skills that will help them get invited back out on a boat! We show them how to properly enter and exit the boat, care for their belongings while aboard, clean up after themselves, and wipe the boat down afterward -- all of these are tried and proven ways to make your boating friends marvel in amazement!

- We require sunblock application every 90 minutes. We refuse to send home kids with sunburns!

- We have the LOWEST TEACHER TO STUDENT RATIO of any action sports programs. That means that we knew the name of all of our campers, we know what they like, dislike, and their favorite way to spend the day. When campers join our program, they become part of our family, and that's the only way the OHANA tribe would want it to be!

- We are THAT camp. The one that kids rate a 10 out of 10 over and over again.

"For those of you with kids who want to have an EPIC summer break, and for parents who want ultimate COOL MOM/DAD status, read on. My son attended last summer, & if you ask him, I’m sure he’ll tell you I’m the coolest mom around...OK, that’s a stretch, but he’ll tell you he LOVED this camp!!!" - Katy M., Parent

"Our two little girls are having such a ball with you all this week – thank you!! On their star rating system of camps this summer, they gave you all a *10*. Can’t wait to see what the rest of the week will bring!" - Maggie A., Parent

"Love all the pictures! Thank you for sharing them! The kids are having a blast, what a great experience for each of them- you guys are the best!!" - Aimee E., Parent
"You guys are rad, genuine, generous and kind. The boys had a blast!" - Violeta A., Parent
"Thanks so much for taking my daughter out yesterday. I think she grew an inch from all of the confidence she gained on the water. She now wants to pursue being a professional wake surfer." - Kara H., Parent
"This is the only camp that my kids will say YES to before they even know if any of their friends are going!" - Parent from Almaden Country Lane School
“This camp is truly the best! Max was hesitant to go his first time (it was Sawyer's idea), but we convinced him to go with Sawyer and try it, and he didn't have to go back if he didn't want to. The owners/instructors and other campers were so patient, no pressure, and encouraging, and Max came home that first night saying that he had found his sport!?! He is looking forward to going a 4th time this summer, and he always has a blast. Max is an introvert, but the small group size is perfect for him to feel comfortable meeting new people and trying new things. Highly recommend this camp for a full day of fun, activity, encouragement, and friendship.” - Wendy, Parent