Save a life. Learn to skate.

April 17, 2020

Lockdown has continued to hit me hard as we end Week 5. I’ve tried making this insanity into a process and a part of my daily life, but I just can’t.

I miss my friends.

I miss my family.
I miss our shops.
I miss our life.

I miss inviting friends for dinner.
I miss driveway parties.
I miss sharing our margaritas.

I miss hugging my people.

But you know what I don’t miss?
The hustle.
The lack of time.

And now that I have time, what am I doing with it? Skating.

I love that I’ve skated more in the past few weeks than I ever have in my life.

I love that I ride for miles during hot sunny days with a refreshing breeze, or getting cozy in my hoodie and sweats for a chilly night ride.

❤️ I love that my 15-year old asks me to skate, and I stop everything and go.

❤️ I love that my 13-year old skater isn’t embarrassed of me and constantly invites me to skate (and is even proud of my bruises).

❤️ I love that my 9-year old who doesn’t love skating does love hopping on a longboard with flex and asks me to skate with him.

❤️ I love that my 4-year old wants to ride her bike with me anywhere and everywhere while I skate.

I love that amidst the insanity of short tempers, sibling fights, zoom calls, and pivoting my hustle, I’ve found a new happy place.

The moral of this story?
Learn to skate. It saves lives, and it sure is saving mine.