Summer Camp Packing List


Below are the essentials to pack for a fun week on the lake! 




We are a cell-phone free and electronics-free summer camp. The instructors have phones for you to easily access our crew, and we have cameras to document the day. 


NO AEROSAL SPRAY SUNBLOCK. Not only is it toxic to inhale, it also creates a sticky film that's difficult to remove. We recommend one face stick and one tube of 8 oz or two tubes of 3-4 oz for the week. Our family is obsessed with Surf Durt for our faces, you'll see a lot of it on the boat each week of camp.


Each camper is required to wear a face mask in the car since we are unable to socially distance when transporting to and from the lake. We have not found one that we love, and it's been especially challenging to find ones that fit kids well, so please share your favorites!
We do have Stance Face Masks arriving in July, but they are selling out fast and I haven't had a chance to try them out.



We are obsessed with ponchos because they provide privacy while changing, keep you toasty after a water session, and the microfiber fabric dries quickly. If you don't have a poncho, bring a towel to dry off with.
All of our camps are SOLD OUT, please have your children pack lightly. Towels are the biggest issue on the boat because the bigger the towel, the more soaked it gets, the longer it takes to dry, and kids don't want sopping wet towels to dry off with.
Try to pick up a thin, quick-dry, super absorbent towel for camp, these are the best ones we've found. I promise, your children will thank you for it when they continually have a dry towel waiting for them.



Straw hats are easy to put on, provide coverage over the face, ears, and neck, have a tie that keeps it on when the boat is in motion, and the shade keeps campers cool during the day, but they also blow off easily and can easily break.
As much as we love and use straw hats, they can be fragile if not cared for properly, so any baseball hats or any hat with a visor will also work. 



Flip flops are the easiest shoe to put on and take off, plus they take up minimal storage space on the boat. Leave the shoes at home and opt for sandals that quickly slip on and off during camp.



Bring your bathing suits and/or board shorts for your session in the water. Most campers wear the same bathing suit all day from car to lake and back again and either add or remove clothes on top.
It can be chilly in the mornings, so bring a pair of sweats to wear over them for cooler days.


Fill your water bottles with water! No sugary drinks or juices. Efficient hydration is a requirement for a fun day in the sun.  
And don't forget stickers to customize your hydro!


We strive for zero-trash lunches in an effort to keep garbage out of the lake. Zero trash lunches are made without using any packaging or plastic wrap and instead uses reusable containers. Help us prevent baggies and debris from flying out of the boat and sinking in the water! That said, the kids get HUNGRY on the boat, so you can send packaged snacks, but try to send main dishes like crackers, pretzels, sandwiches, etc. in reusable containers.


Keep lunches healthy to avoid sugar crashes halfway through the day. No candy, sugary snacks, or anything that may melt and smear on the interior of the boat, and NO FIRE CHEETOS or anything made with artificial orange or red dye. Send a cooling block if dairy or meat is included in your child's lunch. Pack a LARGE lunch. The kids get hungry on the water, they graze throughout the day, and there is no marina or snack shock to stop for supplies.


Lunch suggestions include: lunch meat wraps with guacamole, sunbutter and jelly sandwiches, tuna salad sandwiches, Amy's bean and cheese burritos, quesadillas, bagels with cream cheese, veggies with hummus, veggie sushi, nut-free trail mix (dried fruits, dried coconut, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, etc.), pretzels, crackers, olive snack pack, veggie sticks, etc. The biggest hit on the boat is always freshly cut fruit! Watermelon and strawberries always top the list. No sharing of food unless kids are in the same family.



We are a nut-free boat due to food allergies. Please do not bring loose nuts, granola bars that contain nuts, or snacks containing nuts. Safe bars include nut-free Z Bars, Made Good Bars, Fruit Leather, 88 Acres Seed Bars, and Enjoy Life Bars.


Bring a backpack large enough to pack all of the day's essentials. Make sure there are zippered compartments, so necessities don't fall out. The more contained your camper's items are, the less chance of losing it or sinking in the water.



Here's a quick list for your reference: 

  • No cell phones or electronic devices
  • Sun screen (NO SPRAY BOTTLES)
  • Face Masks
  • Poncho (or towel)
  • Sun hat
  • Flip Flops
  • Bathing Suits
  • Sweatpants and sweater
  • Reusable water bottle
  • Zero-trash, healthy lunch
  • Backpack

Make sure your camper cleans out his backpack, hangs up his/her towel and board shorts, and cleans out his lunch pail every afternoon, so he's all set for another action packed day tomorrow!