- We send REAL TIME TEXT MESSAGES, DAILY PHOTO ALBUMS, and FACEBOOK LIVES of our campers having the best week ever! At the end of each day, you can view, print, share, and download the first time your camper got up on a board or mastered the skills he/she has been working on throughout the week.

- We are the ONLY WATER SPORTS CAMP in the bay area!

- We are the only WAKEBOARD camp and WAKE SURF camp in San Jose, Santa Clara County and surrounding areas that teaches surfing behind the boat and wakeboarding. Plus, we throw in some fun on a tube, SUP's, and boogie boards!

- We are the PREMIERE CAMP for CROSS TRAINING ATHLETES during their off season. Learn more at the link above!

- We understand that all campers BEGIN AT DIFFERENT LEVELS, so we respect all campers' abilities and allow them to grow at the pace that is most comfortable to them.

- We are the only boat on the only lake in San Jose, and it THE BEST WAKE SURFING BOAT ON THE MARKET, a brand new 2019 model that is arriving at the end of June and that is designed to produce a wake that is perfect for lake surfing.

- We are the only camp OPERATED BY A HUSBAND AND WIFE TEAM who are also the parents of four children. They take boating and safety seriously while providing an unparalleled summer camp experience!

- We have the LOWEST TEACHER TO STUDENT RATIO of any action sports programs.

- We are THAT camp. The one that kids rate a 10 out of 10 over and over again.