Beginner Skateboard (hard wheels) - LOCAL DELIVERY OR IN-STORE PICKUP ONLY!

Beginner Skateboard (hard wheels) - LOCAL DELIVERY OR IN-STORE PICKUP ONLY!

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THIS PRODUCT IS FOR LOCAL DELIVERY OR IN-STORE PICKUP ONLY! If this item is purchased for any other method of delivery, the order will be CANCELLED.

Our skateboards are our top selling item in the shop, all year long, and this setup is our perfect pick for beginning skateboarders who are new to the sport! Each skateboard complete is set up with your Ohana Board Shop deck of choice, trucks, bearings, wheels, grip tape, and hardware. 

We've spent over 13 years doing the research on the best quality products for the lowest price, so you don't have to! All of the products we carry at the shop are the highest quality available, and of the high end products we carry, they come in ranges from entry level, intermediate, and advanced level. We don't sell any products in the shop that we aren't willing to ride ourselves and proudly gift to others. The same goes for our entry level beginner skateboard. 

What's the difference between this board and the $129.99 board? 

We have two options for an entry level skateboard: $99.99 and $129.99. The only difference between the two price levels is the wheels. The $99.99 skateboard includes hard wheels, which are ideal for skateboarding on smooth surfaces such as skate parks. Hard wheels on rough surfaces results in a bumpier ride, but this complete satisfies a great price point that gets you high quality components at a great price.

Comparatively speaking, most low end and low price point skateboards (like the ones from big box retail stores and online stores that aren't skate shops) have trucks that don't turn, bearings inside of the wheels that don't roll, and wheels that don't grip. Plus, they don't stand behind their product, and you have no idea which products they actually put into their skateboards.

Ohana is a family owned and operated business that has been testing boards for years. We offer free tune ups, free bearing replacement after a year, and ongoing service! Sorry, there isn't a single online retailer that can offer you that. 

Since most beginning skateboarders start out by learning in their driveway, on the sidewalk, blacktops, and skating in the street with their friends, the wheels offered on the $129.99 skateboard are an upgrade in durometer, which is the softness of the wheel, and this is the complete that we recommend for your beginner if price is less of an issue.

We use wheels that are the size for a standard "popsicle" shaped board, but the durometer or softness of a wheel that is used on a longboard, so the rider gets a nice, smooth, comfy ride without the bumpy ride that comes with hard wheels on rough surfaces. Most low end and low price point skateboards have trucks that don't turn, bearings inside of the wheels that don't roll, and wheels that don't grip.

What age are these skateboards best for? All ages! Start your kiddos on boards this size as early as when they start crawling! The more exposure they have to a board on wheels when they are young, the more comfortable they will be on a skateboard as they get older, and they'll be skating all over town by age four or five! We have four children, and all of them were standing and balancing on a moving board without support before they could walk. This size board is also great for younger children because they can grow into this size board and will not need to adjust to a bigger board later on. 

Any combination offered below will be ideal for your beginning skateboarder! If your skater has already been riding for a while and is ready for some different wheels, a new deck, faster bearings, or any other upgrades, contact us at the shop for all the additional options available to you.

Why buy a board from Ohana Board Shop? We offer superior customer service, and we have tested and tried everything that we sell. We are confident that your new skater will be stoked on his or her new ride!

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