Verve Coffee Roasters, Whole Bean - 12 oz/340g

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Why does a surf shop carry coffee? Verve Coffee completes Arun's surfing experience. He heads over to Santa Cruz, enjoys a dawn patrol surf session, and finishes his morning with a cup of black coffee from Verve on 41st Ave. At home, we start our morning with freshly ground beans in a French Press. Pick up a bag and savor the flavor. You'll never be able to try anything else!

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BRONSON FRENCH ROAST - FUDGE · MOLASSES · FULL-BODIED - Creamy dark chocolate and a raw sugar sweetness define the darkest roast we offer. Seated on Bronson Street in Santa Cruz’ Seabright neighborhood, coffee arrives to our roastery in the form of a dried green seed found formerly in the center of a tropical cherry. Neither soluble, pliable nor frangible (a material’s ability to be broken or, in this case, “ground”), green coffee has yet a ways to go before becoming a roasted coffee “bean” that we’re able to, upon grinding, dissolve in water

STREETLEVEL ROAST - STONEFRUIT · MARMALADE · MAPLE SYRUP - Streetlevel Espresso is quintessentially sweet combining balanced notes of ripe stone fruits and zesty citrus with a syrupy sweetness. Look for a hint of citrus as espresso and a touch more roast development as brewed coffee.

BUENA VISTA DARK ROAST - S'MORES · DARK CHOCOLATE · CARAMELIZEDAs one of the darker roasts on our menu, Buena Vista can be characterized by its deep structure and full body. This extended roast coupled with Buena Vista’s Latin American roots yields a dark chocolate savor, caramelized sweetness, and lasting cup. It's smooth and consistent profile also makes it a very dynamic and adaptable blend that holds up well to just about every brewing device out there. So if you like waking up to a darker, richer flavor, look no further; Buena Vista will give you a dessert first mentality that won’t give you cavities and goes well with milk.

THE 1950 ROAST - ALLSPICE · EARL GREY · CANDIED - Routinely ranked as a staff favorite, The 1950 blend pays homage to coffee’s journey around the globe and the spice traders who transported it. Profiled to highlight its dense, candy-like sweetness and complex spice profile; the 1950 blend performs in both filter and espresso methods, with or without the accompaniment of milk.

SEABRIGHT ROAST - CHOCOLATE · TOASTED COCONUT · FUDGY - From our house to yours, the Seabright House Blend is classically sweet and undeniably inviting. A balanced acidity and fudge-like body are complemented with aromas of sweet, toasted coconut in this year-round blend.

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About Verve Coffee Roasters: We believe the coffee experience is our responsibility from seed to cup, coffee is our craft, our ritual, our passion. It drives us and inspires us. With this simple truth and responsibility we are bridging the gap from farm level to street level. We are Verve. Made in Santa Cruz.